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Indian Startup Tour

Indian Startup Tour is a joint intiative of Akshay Gunteti & Nidhiya V raj. The pioneering journey to meet dynamic groups of Entrepreneurs, Innovators and small-scale startups. It is a drive to propel 2000+ ingenious ventures with 40 advantageous meetups across 30 destinations spanning 10020 kilometers.Indian Startup Tour aims to bring all the start-up innovators on common grounds under one roof. Our vision is to garner innovations and ideas through travel, and help build the spirit of entrepreneurship across India.

Why Indian Startup Tour

Indian startup ecosystem is still emerging. The Indian entrepreneurs faced a lot of problems while starting up their ventures. As a result, the probability of failing amongst the Indian startups is considerably high. So, we started an initiative called ‘The Indian Startup Tour’ to meet fellow entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, policy makers and government officials, to research on startups, incubators, accelerators, educational institutions and co-working spaces across the country and to identify the challenges faced by the entrepreneurial community, and thrive to find possible solutions for them.

Our Journey

Do join us in experiencing this prodigious journey, and help build innovations on-the-go.
Propelling ingenious ventures


Indian Startup Tour aims at building a constructive framework wherein the start-ups get to interact and grow together, ergo creating a win-win situation for both.

Startup Report

Towards the end of the tour, we would be curating a report on Indian Startup Ecosystem and solutions to make businesses easier, and submit it to the Government of India.

Startup Stories

The Startup Stories are dedicated to narrating the personal and professional stories of business owners. We showcase the often-overlooked entrepreneurs around the India, who are contributing to their communities and collectively making an impact on the global economy

Startup Advice

The best advice often comes straight from the horse’s mouth – from those who have been there and done that. Curating relevant startup advice and quotes from a bevy of entrepreneurs, Investors, Experts across several different industries.

Startup Challenges

Identifying the challenges faced by the entrepreneurial community and thrive to find possible solutions for them.This would also be helpful for the entrepreneurs to overcome Challenges and to take their startup to next level

Our Partners


Nidhiya V Raj

Co-Founder – Startupp Curator

Akshay Gunteti

Co-Founder - Startupp Curator

Vamsi Avirneni

Co-Founder - 3Design Technology Support

Siva Krishna

Co-Founder - 3Design Technology Support

Saumya Sunder

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Indian Startup tour will help a lot of entrepreneurs since you will have co travellers who think like you but act differently. This is quite unique concept to work together for a better world .This tour will be bringing a we feeling among the yatris.I am happy to support this journey for the cause of shared earth for the better world  by enterprises
Swathi Danesh
Social Entreprenuer
Indian Startup Tour brings an opportunity to travel across India while exploring innovation and ideas across the country. I'm excited to be a part of this journey and waiting to join it in order to understand the true entrepreneurship potential of India.
Anay Pandey
Ashoka Young india Fellow
I personally feel it will be one of the best experience of our life. Indian Startup Tour is a wonderful platform where we get to meet Entrepreneurs, Investors, Small scale start - up founders  and meet people, share Ideas, thoughts, experiences and attend pitching sessions. This is a rare & unique opportunity one can experience in life time, I look forward to support them and wish the curators massive good luck with all my heart.
Amarnath Nagula
Aspiring Entrepreneur
India has become a breeding place for innovations and socially impactful ideas. Indian Startup Tour is a wonderful opportunity for all start-ups and aspiring entrepreneurs to explore niche markets, through quality networking and mentorship. I eagerly wait to be a part of this ambitious journey and meet ingenious people on-the-go.
Aakshra Jagtap